grow roses in pot

Can I Grow Roses in a Pot? (Ideal Depths and Widths Explained)

In a hurry? Mature roses are generally deep-rooted plants with a main taproot root system that sprouts first followed the emergence of thinner roots all round which form a fibrous root system. This usually occurs because most roses are grafted on root stocks which are deep-rooting. This means growing roses in pots requires good preparation. […]

soil requirements for tomatoes

Soil Requirements for Tomatoes

In a hurry? People often ask, ‘is potting soild good for tomatoes’? The fact is that, ideal soil requirements for tomatoes are the beginning of successfully growing and nurturing these plants. Tomatoes are not difficult to grow; they are versatile, productive, and delicious vegetables ideal for kitchen gardens. Everyone knows that homegrown tomatoes taste way […]