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How to Prepare Soil for Container Gardening

Introduction Soil remains to be one of the most important raw materials needed for any plant to grow. Without soil, it is impossible for a plant to grow. In fact, any kind of container gardening will be incomplete without good quality soil. Are you tired of continuously replacing your plants due to a lack of nutrients […]

Shelf Life of Vermicompost

Introduction Vermicompost is a wonderful soil enhancer that offers several good benefits. It improves the texture of the soil, enhances its drainage, helps retain nutrients, and nurtures microbial life. Vermicomposting is an excellent way to recycle food wastes in the kitchen and yard waste in the backyard. There are many ways to do vermicomposting over […]

Vermicomposting Cost Benefit Ratio

Introduction You might be thinking about starting a vermicomposting business and wonder what is the vermicomposting cost-benefit ratio. It’s an investment that you should do your homework before getting started. There are questions that you just can’t help but ask yourself as you choose to venture out. What is the input? What are the expected […]

Make Your Own Composting Bin

Introduction Composting is one of the best ways to make use of everyday materials that would otherwise end up in landfills and release harmful greenhouse gases. And if your composting efforts make you or save you a little money, well then all the better! The key to safe and efficient home-based composting is using a […]