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There is a need for creating a backyard that will always have people wowed by it. While this is an uncommon way of doing just that, who says that you can’t? As long as you have the backyard garden layout ideas that are able to do just that, then it’s time to get started.

Vegetable gardening is something that most people may not associate with it bringing any aesthetic value to your home, but they are so wrong! Vegetable gardening has a lot to offer for homeowners and gardeners with its best layout designs.

There are a number of backyard vegetable garden layout ideas for beginners and pros alike towards the end of this guide, that you can look at before you start chose and decide to create your own backyard vegetable garden.

It takes a special kind of effort to be able to pull some of the garden layouts but that shouldn’t be something that may seem challenging for both pro gardeners and beginners in the sector.

With this article, you will not only be able to get the best idea for a backyard vegetable garden layout, but you will understand what makes it so great and how they compare with others.

Considerations That Should be Made

Before you decide on the kind of backyard vegetable garden layout you are going to pick, there are a few things you should look at in your garden. They include

a) The size of your garden- Starting with the backyard vegetable garden layout, you need to know that this doesn’t always depend on the size of your backyard. It is dependent on how much space or place you have for planting different kinds of vegetables and other plants that are related to those particular ones.

b) The shape of your backyard- One thing that is very important to consider before going into any kind of backyard vegetable garden layout design and construction is the look and feel of your backyard. Ensure it’s a nice one that will not only make it easier to grow but also increase aesthetic value.

c) Climate conditions & type- Again, there should be more consideration made about the weather conditions in your backyard area that can help determine what works best for you. Some backyard vegetable garden layouts come with their own characteristics that are easily influenced by the weather conditions like the exposure and easiness of the soil to lose moisture.

d) Soil fertility- Soil fertility is one of the key considerations when designing backyard vegetable garden layouts. It is a small area where you’ll grow your vegetables meaning nothing beats organic fertilizers like compost and other natural products that add nutrients into your backyard soil. As you do not have much space in your backyard, some backyard vegetable garden designs make it hard for the owner to increase the nutrients in the soil.

Top Ideas for Your Backyard Garden Layout

1.  Plant Vegetables in Triangles

There are not many backyard vegetable garden layouts that can offer you the luxury of planting your vegetables in triangles. An obvious advantage is that it gives you the opportunity to get every inch of backyard space into play.

Another consideration when using this small vegetable garden layout design is that it’s very easy for watering your backyard garden as the system makes sure you cover all points in your backyard vegetable garden.

This is a great way of spicing up your backyard vegetable garden layout that will make your garden stand out from the rest.

Planting your vegetables in a triangular pattern on your backyard vegetable garden layout is also a great design for backyard vegetable gardens that use raised bed gardening systems instead of using the traditional backyard vegetable garden layouts. This backyard vegetable garden layout is not only a great backyard vegetable garden for beginners but it also saves you a lot of space in your backyard.

2. Four Square Foot Garden Layout

the four square foot garden layout is where you are going to divide your backyard vegetable garden into four equal sections and then use different techniques just like a backyard vegetable garden layout.

This backyard vegetable garden layout is perfect for both backyard beginners and experienced backyard vegetable gardeners.

The four-square-foot backyard vegetable garden layout will make the most of your backyard space as you can plant all kinds of vegetables in each section or block thus making for a great-looking yard.

Doing this allows you to try many different plants at once even though you have to make sure that they all go together with each other.

This backyard vegetable garden layout will give you a backyard full of different vegetables which will be appreciated by vegetable gardeners and backyard enthusiasts.

3. Raised Beds

Now, this is a backyard vegetable garden layout that won’t disappoint you in the least. Raised beds can make your home look great and provide backyard enthusiasts a new way to enjoy gardening.

Your backyard will look quite great with the nice green colors and the flowers that are planted in the backyard as well. You can place various plants here such as watermelons, tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, peas etc.

The best thing about these raised beds is that they allow you to separate your vegetables by type while making sure that they are nicely separated from each other allowing for better growing conditions for each plant.

This increases the number of vegetables that you have grown in a spot while making use of the vegetable garden space to the maximum. With backyard vegetable gardens, you don’t need a large area to grow your plants since all the plants are arranged in whatever space they need and according to their needs.

Raised beds are quite a trend these days, given that it has already caught up in a lot of places. This backyard vegetable garden allows you to experience a different way to enjoy your gardening hobby.

The idea of having backyard vegetable gardens comes from the traditional vegetable garden that was mainly grown for food but can now be used as a medium for growing vegetables just for entertainment purposes too.

4. Small Gardens

Not everyone can afford the luxury of owning a small vegetable garden layout that is more about its aesthetic value as much as its produce. And it’s understandable. Some people just do not have enough space in their backyard from most of these garden layouts.

In that case, then the small garden layout is definitely suited for you. With the small garden layout, you get to have the backyard vegetable garden but on a much smaller scale.

Since you do not have the luxury of space, what you do in turn is that you have to be very sure about the vegetables that you plan on planting. They can be the most expensive vegetables in the store or the vegetables that you love the most.

Either way, you pick like 2 of these vegetables and partition your small garden into equal parts that will allow for you to make a bountiful harvest.

5. Kitchen Garden Layout

If you do not have the backyard available, then maybe it is time that you consider gardens in your kitchen. While this may sound perfect for some people, others will definitely be concerned about the space issue here.

However, there are a few tricks that can help with this particular situation and they begin with choosing the small plants as well as using containers.

You are able to grow different kinds of vegetables together while watching their harvesting season. Thus, you may choose to plant carrots radishes, and onions on the same piece of land at once and it will work. Even better, you can plant your vegetables and flowers together to give them an inviting look.

They do save on space and they create the backyard garden look that you are looking for.

What vegetable should go in the small vegetable garden layout? The most popular backyard vegetable garden layout choices include beans, carrots, radishes, and lettuce.

Each has great significance as well as benefits for your backyard garden space but also for the taste of your backyard vegetables. Not only do they have fantastic flavor, but they also don’t take up much room at all which is important if you want a small backyard vegetable garden.

6. Companion Planting

Companion planting is where you get to grow different vegetables together with the aim of them having a symbiotic kind of relationship.

For example, you can grow tomatoes with basil in your backyard vegetable garden layout. Both plants help each other to grow faster and they, therefore, tend to produce more fruit or vegetables than usual.

A great way to do this is that you can partition your garden into two different pieces and then you can plant two vegetables in each piece you have made. The results are that you are able to have a variety of vegetables that you will eat come harvest time while these vegetables helping each other, by providing shade or sharing nutrients with each other.

You should practice crop rotation from time to time if you might choose this backyard vegetable garden layout to stop pests and diseases and making sure that your soil remains healthy.

7. Use Structures and Plant Support

This is for the beauty of runner plants and climbers. You could instead of partitioning your garden into the various layout designs that have been named above, you could instead build different structures for different vegetables that you will be planting.

If you feel like structures are just not your thing, you could build great and beautiful supports as a backyard vegetable garden layout and wait for your runner plants and climbers to do the rest.

With the structures and support, the plants will stick to them and follow them creating more space for you to plant more vegetables like that. The backyard vegetable garden layout ideas that you have in mind will be integrated with the idea and structure of your backyard.

The best backyard vegetable garden layout to use is what you make as your backyard is unique and different from someone else, making it impossible for anyone to tell you where to begin or how.

The idea on paper may be good but when put into practice, no one can really know if the backyard vegetable garden layout that you have designed on paper will do well if implemented. But you never know unless you actually try.

Plant Support

Best Tips on Backyard Vegetable Garden Layout

a) Always Give Your Plants Enough Sunlight

It doesn’t matter which backyard vegetable garden design you have opted to use but you should always make sure that your plants get enough sunlight. They should be as open as possible and your backyard vegetable garden design should not overshadow them.

b) Create Paths of Transportation Between Plants

Another important backyard vegetable garden layout tip that you need to remember is creating paths between plants so they can be easily transported from one location to another.

You will also need to weed the garden from time to time so the layout should allow enough room for you to pass through without actually wasting much space.

c) Create Separate Plot for Large Plants

Large plants can be transported through the backyard vegetable garden but you will need special transportation equipment or a trailer to move and maneuver them.

Since this is not always possible, it is a good idea to create separate backyard vegetable garden layout plots for large vegetables so they don’t take over the whole backyard vegetable garden.

#d) Use Colorful Material as Pathway Edging

Pathways in your backyard vegetable garden do not have to be boring black or grey concrete pathways. You can add some color to your backyard vegetable garden by using colored stones as pathway edging material.

This is especially useful if you are planning on growing exotic vegetables that need specific backyard climate conditions just to survive or backyard vegetable garden layout plants that need to be kept at specific backyard locations (e.g., dwarf backyard vegetable garden layout trees, a small backyard vegetable garden layout bushes, etc.).

Time to Choose the Best Layout

Different backyard vegetable garden layouts will work for different people. With that in mind, you should not be scared to take the chance and experiment with any one of the above-mentioned backyard vegetable garden layouts.

It’s vital that the backyard vegetable garden layout you choose helps you maximize the space that you have. For big backyard gardens, raised beds and square foot garden layouts can work great for you.

However, small vegetable garden layouts are such as the small garden layout and the kitchen garden layout. This article has just shown you vegetable garden layout ideas for beginners, what’s your pick?

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