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The best plants to keep snakes away are those plants that have scents that these reptiles dislike. Snakes are very dangerous and toxic to human beings despite them being a crucial part of the environment.

If you have a home garden or live in a snake prone area, you are certainly at the most risk. It is important to use home remedies that will repel snakes in order to keep them out permanently. Snakes love hiding in gardens, where they can access small animals like rats and mice. If children play close to these gardens, they are at a high risk of being bitten.

For years, natural techniques have been the most effective when it comes to repelling snakes. Using home remedies, and plants to repel snakes has been one of the most effective methods. Plants have scents that can keep snakes away if grown in the right way.

Snakes will always find their way into homes and gardens unless an anti-snake environment is created.

This article shows gardeners how to repel snakes naturally using various plant species and home techniques.

How to Repel Snakes Naturally

Snakes can be naturally repelled by using plants with scents that will keep snakes away, or home remedies that have a repellent effect on the reptiles.

Chemical techniques are discouraged because they do not harm all snake species, and they can destroy plants and crops that exist in the vicinity. Organic solutions are very effective when it comes to deterring snakes, and the plants that are used vary depending on the ecosystem.

A single plant cannot unanimously rid snakes off your compound or homestead, but plants can effectively get rid of snakes if planted and used correctly. A combination of plants and a few mechanisms can effectively keep snakes out of a garden. To repel snakes, one needs to have a secure fence that does not allow snakes in. Secondly, they should plant numerous snake repellent plants, and finally, they should ensure that snake food is non-existent in their homestead.

Before I proceed, let me discuss the four plants that are the most effective in keeping snakes away.

  1. The Mexican Marigold

The roots of the Mexican Marigold are the main tool for keeping snakes away.  Marigold roots are deep-seated, and they grow aggressively; hence they give off a strong odor. The scent scares away moles, rodents, and snakes that tend to invade gardens and plantations. Despite marigolds being a good hiding spot for snake prey, the reptiles cannot settle in due to the smell. If rodents and moles, which are snake food, are unavailable, snakes cannot inhabit the place. The Mexican Marigolds also have bright yellow flowers that make a garden beautiful, and these features make them one of the best plants to keep snakes away.

2. Mother-in Law’s Tongue

The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is one of the best plants used to keep snakes away. The plant’s mechanism for repelling is its sharp leaves and its ability to rejuvenate oxygen faster than normal. The smell does not affect snakes, but the creatures are frightened of the plant’s sharp leaves. The plant is beautiful to have around the garden, and it is low maintenance. One only needs to water it twice a week. For people living in cool and warm climates, this is the best plant to repel snakes in your vicinity.

3. The West Indian Lemongrass

Lemongrass has a citric scent that is disliked by snakes. Citronella is the main by-product of lemongrass, and it is detested by snakes and small insects like mosquitoes and ticks. Lemongrass is one of the best plants to keep snakes away from your garden. Lemongrass can survive in dry areas, and its maintenance is easy. Besides, it makes the landscape look beautiful. The plant is most effective when planted as a barrier since it will repel snakes and prevent them from entering.

4. Onion and Garlic

Onions and garlic are the best plants used to keep snakes away. If anything, these two are the best shot at repelling snakes. This is because their smell not only repels but it also mystifies the snakes. Garlic cloves, and plants are especially the best at keeping snakes away. When a snake slithers over a clove of garlic, the plant releases an oily residue. The oil behaves similarly to how onions act when we slice them. The aroma disorients snakes the same way pepper spray confuses human beings.


The mint that best keeps snakes away is not just any mint, but peppermint. The peppermint plant repels snakes in two ways.

First, it has a powerful minty scent that will keep snakes away from the garden. The snake’s smell receptors are sensitive to the menthol scent, and once they feel it, they become irritated.

Peppermint is also potent to rats and mice, which are a snake’s food source. The menthol scent irritates these rodents’ nasal cavities, and its smell deters rodents from entering the garden and roaming around it. If the source of food for the snakes is unavailable, they reptiles will not be present too.

The makes mint, particularly peppermint one of the best plants to keep snakes away.

What Smell do Snakes Hate?

Snakes dislike smells that are bitter, foreign, or pungent. This however, does not apply to the smells that the creatures are hatched in.

For instance, snakes dislike the smell of sulfonic acid in onions; however, if its young ones are hatched in an onion garden, they will consider this smell friendly and will not be irritated by it. For snakes not hatched in the garden, the scent will rapidly deter them.

Snakes are reliant on their sense of smell, and they have an organ known as the Jacobson’s organ and their smell receptors, which make them sensitive to strong odors of products like cinnamon, onion, and some oils.

What Home Remedy will Repel Snakes?

There are two ways that home remedies can repel snakes. The first is adopting natural techniques, and the second is using natural products

Home-based techniques used to repel snakes

The first one is the elimination of food sources ideal for snakes. Snakes love feeding on rats, mice, and moles.

Getting rid of these animals will make the environment unsuitable for snakes. Snakes hide in dark and damp places like cracks, holes, woodpiles, and crevices. Repairing cracks and holes around the home will ensure snakes have nowhere to live.

Wood should be stored in lockable boxes and rooms to ensure snakes do not live within them. Using natural predators like cats can keep snakes away.

Felines are home-friendly pets, and they help in keeping snakes away since they feed on them. Finally, smoke is one of the ideal ways to repel snakes.

Snakes are sensitive to smoke; therefore, digging fire pits and letting the smoke out for some days can keep snakes away.

Homemade products that repel snakes

Homemade recipes have scents that will keep snakes away. The first recipe is the clove and cinnamon oil.

Clove and cinnamon oil are highly effective when it comes to repelling snakes. The oil mix should be put in a spray bottle, and it should be used directly on snakes for maximum effect. When sprayed, snakes run in the opposite direction. The mix can also be used as an indoor fumigant. The second recipe involves extracting sulfonic acid from garlic and onions. Sulfonic acid is the juice that makes us cry when chopping onions.

To create a home remedy, the acid is mixed with rock salt and sprinkled around the home and yard. The acid can also be added to any essential oil, which can be used to fumigate hard to reach places. White vinegar is an effective home remedy that will repel snakes. The vinegar should be poured around any water body to keep snakes away. Lime and hot pepper is another home remedy that repels snakes.

Pouring the mixture of lime and hot pepper around the home repels snakes. The mixture has a scent that keeps snakes away, and it is also irritable on their skin.

Final Take on the Best Plants to Keep Snakes Away

The best plants to keep snakes away are those plants that bear scents strong enough to irritate the snake’s smell receptors. Snakes detest environments with strong scents since most of these smells irritate and confuse them.

The best plants to keep snakes away are; the Mexican marigold, mint, the Mother-in-Law’s tongue, the West Indian Lemongrass, and onions and garlic.

Together with a good fence, a combination of these plants and a rodent free garden guarantees a snake-free environment. Besides plants, several home remedies can be used to repel snakes.

Eliminating rodents, which are snakes’ main food source, sealing cracks and holes around the home, using cats, and digging fire holes that release smoke are the most effective home techniques to keeps snakes away. Using home products and recipes like; cloves, cinnamon, garlic, onion, cloves, lime, hot pepper, and vinegar can repel and eliminate snakes. These reptiles are irritated by the smell and the effects that some homemade products have on their skin. Organic and natural methods are effective in repelling snakes as compared to chemical products. Natural techniques take care of all snake species, while chemicals are only effective against specific species.