best things to keep cats off your garden

Best Thing to Keep Cats off Your Garden


Keeping cats away from your garden is very important because cats tend to destroy things and make wreak and havoc on your garden although they look cute. They can make your garden their personal little box and spread parasites and fleas.

container gardening can be hard and unproductive in areas  where cats usually pass by because they tend to destroy things and make wreak and havoc on the garden and also they can spread parasites and fleas. Hence  best plants to keep them off the garden are needed

So what are the best things to keep cats off your garden? Keeping cats out of your garden has a lot to do with what plants are in the garden. You can have plants that keep stray cats away from your garden or you can focus on other home remedies to keep cats away from your garden.

We understand that not everyone enjoys having cats playing or digging in their gardens, this article will offer some of the best things to keep cats out of your garden whether it is stray or your cat.

What Attracts Cats to Your Garden

a)     Home

Cats may come to your garden to look for a place to call home, if your garden is warm and has a comfortable and safe surrounding that has any openings to any decks or patios cats are likely to come and settle there. So to avoid this do not make them feel comfortable, you should destroy all potential places of shelter.

b)     Garden Feeds

Cats are also attracted to any type of feed in your garden. If you feed the stray cats they will definitely come back. Or if you have your own pets like dogs or even a cat and you feed them outside make sure any trash scraps are properly covered or clean the area unless you want the cats to come.

It is advisable to have a specific spot where you feed your pets for easy cleaning. Readily available food or water outside your home can also attract them and this can cause chaos among your pets and the stray cats.

c)     Curiosity

Cats may also come to your garden out of curiosity because they like to explore. If a cat sees something in your garden that is interesting like toys and it attracts their attention they will definitely stick around. Stray cats may come because they have seen other cats in your house or garden.

d)     Smooth Surfaces

A smooth surface attracts cats. They come to your garden to dig and scratch and roll, if your garden has large branches with barks on them cats will use them to scratch themselves. If you want to avoid cats from coming you should place pine cones, twigs or prickly plant to the ground rough and poky things irritates cats.

e)     Plants

Having plants that cats love as catnip will definitely bring cats to your garden. If you have a bushy garden cats will come to play and hide in it. So if you want cats out of your garden you should not have plants that cats love, you can have them but separate them from your own garden.

f)      Birds

If your garden has birds, cats may come there to watch them because of the movements and captures their attention. Cats are born hunters, which will help to keep rodent and pests population down in your garden, but their predatory behavior may scare away the birds that are inhabiting and naturally pollinating your vegetables and flowers.

g)     Your Friendliness

Being friendly to a stray cat can also make them comfortable with you and keep on coming; they are attracted to a non-threatening manner. If the cat has kittens she will start coming with their babies to your place because you made her trust you.

h)     Insects and Rodents

If your garden has rats and mice or small insects that cats love they will definitely come to your garden to chase and hunt them. You should look for ways to get rid of the insects if you do not want to attract cats.

10 Of The Best Things to Do to Keep Cats from Your Garden

These are some of the home remedies to keep cats away;

1.     Citrus Peels

Cats dislike the smell of citrus. You can scatter orange, lemon, or lime peels in your garden. You can also use Citrus-based sprays they are effective, spray it where you do not want the cats to hang out. The peels will also make it uncomfortable for the cats to walk because they like smooth places and they will avoid prickly surfaces. If you want a natural best way to keep cats out of your garden this one is advisable.

2.     Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic repellers do not cause any physical harm to you or the cat; it works pretty well to keep cats away. It emits a high-frequency wave that results in an irritating sound to many animals.

The frequencies of the ultrasonic sound waves are generally too high for human ears to detect. The sound makes animals uncomfortable and they leave the area and find somewhere else to live. It is solar-powered and is designed to be easy to install. The device can be hanged on a wall or mounted on a lawn or garden on the stake provided.

There are other ultrasonic repellers that detect animals from up to 30 feet away, the ultrasonic sound will be emitted and LED lights will flash. There are numerous products available with different features, including AC adapter, solar-powered, audio frequencies, and more it is up to you to choose which one is affordable and effective.

3.     Rosemary Essential Oils

You already know that there are plants that keep stray cats away, but how? Cats are repelled by certain scents, to keep them off your garden use cleaners or sprays that contain rosemary oils. The scent will gently encourage cats to choose other places because of how strong-scented it is.

Although the scent will not last longer you need to reapply it after some time or after it has rained. This is another natural and one of the best things to keep cats out of your garden. Its effectiveness is maximized by placing or spraying them around the edges of the area being protected or on top of the fence.

4.     Coleus Canina Plant

This plant will help deter cats from entering and fouling your garden it is considered one of the best things to keep cats out of your garden. Coleus Canina works by emitting an odor that cats, in particular, find incredibly offensive and therefore disappear out of your garden. If by any chance a cat eats this plant it will develop gastrointestinal symptoms.

This plant will be more effective when planted in a sunny spot because the odor gets stronger the hotter the leaves get fortunately the odor is barely obvious to humans. It is also called the scaredy-cat plant this is one of the plants that keep cats away from your garden. Canina is easy to grow and will thrive on a high degree of neglect because it is a natural drought-tolerant plant.

5.     Plastic Garden Fencing

This can act as a barrier, and stop cats from getting in and out of your garden. Although some cats are acrobats they may still jump and climb over it. You need to put it as high as possible or use the most effective cat repellant spray of your choice which works for you and spray it on the top of the fence.

Instead of putting it like a vertical fence you can cut it into 1-foot square pieces and lay them in raised beds around your plants. As the plants grow you can remove or rearrange them it is easy and does not take a lot of time.

6.     Wash Up

Cats like to mark their territory. Hosing down the area where they like to congregate will eliminate their odor. If the cats have a favorite spot, wash the area well with a hose to remove the scent or urine spray. Cats tend to choose the same spot repeatedly, so remove their claim to your garden to prevent them from coming.

Remove all the feces from the garden and the top layer of the soil. Your cat repellent should also include removing their cat scent from the garden. Spraying the area with another animal’s urine a fox’s urine is advised but if you cannot find it, it is possible to use another animal’s urine it is also a great idea because it shows that the spot is already occupied and will stop the cat from pooping it that area.

7.     Motion Detectors

There are lights, sprinklers, and sirens available that are motion-activated. These are very effective at scaring cats away. Motion-activated sprinklers can work well because cats do not like water.

Change the replacement of the sprinklers regularly, so that cats cannot simply know where they are and avoid the sprinklers. After they have been sprayed with water unexpectedly a few times, the cat will usually find another garden to visit where they can remain dry. If you cannot afford to buy more than two detectors, place the detectors where most of the cats usually enter from.

8.     Distraction

You can distract the cat by giving them a more attractive place to go, preferably well off in a far corner away from your garden. Build them an outdoor litter box to avoid them pooping in your garden.

You can also distract them by planting plants that cats love far from the spot you do not want them to cress, plants they love either by their smell or taste. It works well if the cat is yours, not a stray cat.

9.     Catio

A Catio is an outdoor enclosed patio for cats. Catio lets your cat roam outside but in only limited areas. You can buy a Catio or maybe build one yourself, they are great! The Catio should be safe for your cat it should avoid sharp objects to harm the cat, and also should be easy to open in case of any emergency.

Your cat will still be able to enjoy outside time and fresh air but will not go to your garden. It works only for your cats but stray cats can still have access to the garden. Catio also keeps your cat safe from your other stray cats that roam around the place.

10. Put the Chicken Wire on the Soil

If you have cats scratching and digging in your garden soil, you can lay the chicken wire on top of the ground, the cat will not be able to scratch or dig. If a cat cannot get what it wants it will most likely get discouraged and move on.

This is one of the ways to stop cats from pooping in your garden, their feces contain parasites this is concerning because most of us plan to eat what we plant. Undesirable texture encourages the cat to move away from your garden.

If everything fails or you feel like they don’t work how you expected you can try the TNR method. Trap Neuter and Release helps to control feral cats’ populations. If the cats in your garden are feral, consider helping control the population by trapping the cats, neutering them, and releasing them.

But with this method, you should be careful not to trap your neighbors’ cats without having an idea. This may not keep them out of your garden but will help control the numbers over the long term. TNR is the best thing to keep cats out of your garden, it will make

Which is the Best Home Remedy to Keep Cats Away from Your Garden?

With all the named remedies stated above, you might be wondering which is the most effective of them all. Now that we are talking about keeping cats away from your garden, the best remedy has to be planting plants that have scents that scare away cats.

Ideally, this may mean planting plants that you are not okay with having in your garden. If that still doesn’t sit right with you, then the best remedy would be fencing or creating cat catios where you can keep the cats.

Final Thoughts

Keeping cats away from your garden is not that hard you can find effective best things to keep cats out of your garden, but you should not harm the animals, try to use harmless weapons even if you do not like cats.

You should also understand not all cats are harmful, some are just looking for food or they are lost you should check if they have a name tag and a contact, if so you can contact the owner to come for the cat.

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