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Watering seedlings requires one to be extra cautious to avoid disturbing the young delicate plants.

when watering seedlings using the best watering can it is recommended to wear the best gloves to avoid injuries in hands and also to enhance comfortability

Maybe in the past, you have tried watering seedlings only to find out you damaged most of them in the process? Or, using a watering can that did not deliver the desired results? Perhaps it is time to consider the following test and proven watering cans for seedlings.

How a can delivers water is one important consideration, some sprinkles while others pour. When watering seedlings that no disturbance, the sprinkler type is the best. Are you searching for a watering can? This is a review of the best watering cans to consider.

Best Gumboots are also recommended when watering seedlings using the best watering can to protect one from mud, dirt and also to keep one warm.

Note: Larger watering cans can be used to water seedlings if they have an adjustable spout to offer light showers that won’t damage se

1. Haws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Can

This is a 24 fluid ounces well-balanced, mini version of the classic Haws Watering Can made with molded plastic. Has a removable brass faced rose. Perfect for indoor watering activities such as watering seedlings.

This is the ideal watering can if you are searching for something quite satisfying and relaxing when tending to your seedlings. It can also be used for other indoor activities such as watering shrubs.

Specifications of Haws Watering Can      

  • Capacity: 24 fluid ounces
  • Created with of injection-molded plastic
  • A removable round brass faced rose
    Dimensions: 30.5cm (l) x 12cm (h) x 12cm (w)
  • Color: Green


  • The small size makes it perfect for watering seedlings that need light showers
  • The multi-hole spout can be adjusted for either way of watering
  • Ideal for children –kids can easily use this can to ensure they also enjoy gardening activities.


  • It is not effective for outdoor activities and can start leaking if stowed outside.

2. MyLifeUNIT Plastic Small Watering Can

This emerged as my second-best watering can for seedlings due to its small nozzle diameter (0.4 inch) that releases fine water streams that do not destroy seedlings. The good thing is that this watering can is also multipurpose because one can remove the watering head when watering large plants or roots.

It is a small watering that holds just ½ gallon of water only. Most seedlings don’t require a lot of water and thus the small volume is not a problem for most people.

When filled with water, it is light to carry on one hand due to the small capacity. This watering can measures about 7″ wide x 13″ high which is an ideal size especially for people who grow seedlings indoors.

Its design is both ergonomic and strong due to the high-quality resin material used for the body. It is very durable and does not break easily.

Specifications of MyLifeUNIT Watering Can

  • Capacity – ½ gallon
  • Material – High quality resin
  • Dimensions – 7″ wide x 13″ high
  • Removable head


  • Small nozzle diameter for the watering head
  • Ergonomic
  • Strong and durable material
  • Light to carry


  • The jug is not well balanced when placed down

3. Fasmov Plastic Watering Can

This watering can made to this unbiased listing because it pours smoothly which is ideal for seedlings. Additionally, the spout is designed in such a way that it can be turned over to face upwards which creates a gentle rain for seedlings and other small plants.

This is a mini watering can because it holds about 0.85 gallons of water comfortably. The advertised volume of 0.92 gallons is on the higher end and the water tends to pour out of the inlet hole if filled to that level.

This watering can is ideal for both potted seedlings or garden seedlings on a seedbed. If one pours a heavy stream of water directly on the seedlings the water usually creates a runoff which can uproot the seedlings or leach the soil nutrients. The water does not penetrate the soil too.

With the Fasmov Watering Can, the gentle stream of water is easy to control and creates an even shower that can be stopped easily by just tipping the watering can. Unlike traditional types of cans, the Fasmov creates an upward (arc) facing shower which does not destroy weak plants.

Specifications of Fasmov Watering Can

  • Capacity – upto 0.92 gallons (recommended- 0.85 gallons)
  • Removable and adjustable spout
  • Dimensions – 16.9 in x 5.5 x 9.8 inches (length x width x height)
  • Material – Eco-friendly PE material


  • Spout is easy to remove and adjust
  • Gentle water shower from the spout
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Eco friendly material


  • Fill hole under the handle not ideal for refilling from a spigot

4. Union 63068 Watering Can

This watering can come into sizes 1 or 2 gallons, so you can choose based on how many seedlings you want to water—designed with a replaceable screw-on sprinkler and tulip design on the sides.

It has two handles on the side and on the top to enhance comfortability while watering your seedlings. This watering holds not more than 2 gallons, which is beneficial, so it doesn’t become so hard to carry.

Specifications Union 63068 Watering Can

  • Color- sage green
  • Capacity- 1 or 2 gallons
  • Two handles- at the top and the side
  • Size: 17″L x 7.25″W x 13″H


  • A rosette pour ensures equal water distribution in your seedling bed.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use
  • Holds 2 gallons to ensure you are able when watering your seedlings
  • Ideal for a variety of plant-watering applications apart from watering seedlings.


  • It is not possible to clean in the inside, using your hands. However, it takes a long time to accumulate dirt that would inconvenience your watering activities.

5. Behrens Gallon Steel Watering Can

This is hot dipped steel watering can that offers durability and strength of steel with a vintage or classic look. Made of steel means that the can is proof to rust and warp. You can leave in your garden or stow it in a shed.

This model comes in 3, 2.5, or 1.5 sizes, so you can choose one that perfectly fits your seedling bed. Designed with a handy handle at the top for a good grip while watering your plants. Customers tout this watering can because of the old-school look and established to be held better than the plastic versions. Behrens watering can is ideal for your home outdoor watering requirements.


  • Non-removable rosette
  • Capacity -1.5 gallon
  • Zinc coating
  • Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel with a white birch handle
  • Height: 15.00″ | Width: 24.00″ | Length: 21.50″
  • Weight 3.14


  • Made of steel means it is a high-quality watering can that will serve for a long time. It is more durable than plastic watering cans
  • Zinc coating offers a watertight steel seal that is proof of rust, rodents, and odor.
  • It is a recyclable watering can
  • Has a variety of applications, watering garden, watering flowers and watering seedlings
  • Wire bail and galvanized support offers optimal balance to the can
  • Extended galvanized rosette allows one to water in extended areas of the seedling bed


  • This watering can is not ideal for indoor watering activities

6. Bloem Easy Pouring Watering Can

If you want your seedling bed to blossom and stay refreshed, perhaps it is time to consider this can a product of bloem. It has a large water capacity and good control, so don’t be scared of damaging your seedlings.

It comes in a 2.6-gallon size that holds a good amount of water that is easy to carry and sprinkle your seedlings—designed in a dual handle that allows multiple hand positions for good maneuverability and control when watering. This feature helps make watering more enjoyable and ease extra weight in your writs while watering and carrying.

The rotating spout head can adjust the water flow; one can control a steady stream shower, the latter which is effective for watering seedlings. Designed with offset filling hole that perfectly fits under most spigots and the handles won’t interfere the ways of filling.


  • Capacity 2.6 gallon
  • Dimension 15 *10
  • Removable spout
  • A filling hole located on the side of the can
  • Weight 1 pounds
  •  Dual handle design


  • The dual handle design with one hinged handle allows easy movability, sprinkling without tiring your handles, and you have an enjoyable watering experience
  • A removable and adjustable water spout can be rotated to offer light showers, so you don’t damage delicate seedlings.
  • The removable spout also good for easy cleaning of the can
  • Designed in the thick wall structure, no leaking or creasing
  • A perfectly fitted filling hole on the side so that the handle never gets in the way while refilling. This watering can is made of 100% UV stabilized polypropylene plastic and thus a lasting color and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


  • The rotating sprinkler head can come off from the excess force of water. It can be rectified by ensuring it is well secured before starting to water your seedlings.

Closing Remarks

After several years of planting seeds and watering seedlings and trying out different types of watering cans, the Haws Handy Indoor Plastic Watering Can stood as the best watering can for seedlings.

This is due to its great design which releases a gentle water shower which does not uproot seedlings or carry away seeds or soil.

The other watering cans featured here are also great and unique in their own way. That is why they were able to beat tens of model to make it to this top listing.