how much does vermicompost sell for

how much does vermicompost sell for


Most of us have heard how crops, even in the wild for that matter can be greatly improved by adding compost. This has been so true for ages and because organic material degrades at a very slow rate, it stands to reason that vermicompost is one of the most effective ways to add organic matter into your soil. But how much does vermicompost sell for?

Vermicomposting is an excellent way to recycle food wastes in the kitchen and yard waste in the backyard. The best thing about Vermicomposting is that you don’t need a plot of land or your own garden to practice it. To start using vermicomposting at home you will need to set up a simple worm farm. There are many ways to do vermicomposting over the internet but we have the best vermicomposting guide

Vermicomposting comes from earthworm digested organic material and this can not only be a great way to add nutrients to your garden, but it is also a great way to recycle kitchen scraps into something useful.

This fertilizer is great for crops and lawns alike and as such should be considered by anyone who needs an additional boost in how his or her plants grow. Although vermicompost does come at a cost, the investment can certainly pay off over time.

Growing your own organic vermicompost if you are going to get started vermicomposting you will first have to figure out how much space you need. Even if you just want to try things out at first, 1 cubic yard of organic matter has been shown to produce about 10 pounds of compost that work great enough for your garden.

The key to safe and efficient home-based composting is using a good container. Inexpensive bins can be as simple as hay bales or wooden pallets, but sometimes the best available material is actually an old portable plastic playpen. Thus comes the many different composting methods that exist now. They all come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus we have the best guide  on learning how to make your own composting bins and getting compost from them.

If you are still wondering ”how much does vermicompost sell for”, this article will take you through the financials of vermicomposting stating the price of vermicompost per kg and showing you how to determine the price while answering the ultimate question. How much does vermicompost sell for?

What Determines How Much Vermicompost Sells for?

Before we get to how much vermicompost goes for and how you can determine how much you will make from your own efforts, let’s take a look at how the cost is determined.

1. Quality

Buying vermicompost is very dependent on the quality of the vermicompost you get. So does it mean that there are different types of vermicompost? Better be assured that the quality of vermicompost for sale differs from one price to the other.

The price tends to be higher if the compost is organic and has a high level of quality. Vermicompost that is well preserved or preserved in an air-tight environment will also be more expensive than those which are poorly preserved. You can find organic vermicompost for sale in different areas.

Vermicompost should have a rich balance of earthworm castings and worm excretions for it to meet the standards set by the National Organic Program, which requires how much vermicompost costs.

The quality of the vermicompost is determined by the type of worms that have been used and the exposure to the environment. As you may have probably thought, the higher the quality of the castings then the more price you will pay for it.

2. Quantity

You wouldn’t be able to buy 50-pound vermicompost for the same price as 20-pound vermicompost. While quality is taken as the first consideration when getting vermicompost for sale, the quantity also matters.

In most cases, the price of the vermicompost is measured on the basis of the price per pound. The more pounds you are able to buy then the lesser the price per pound you will be required to pay. It’s hard finding a dealer selling vermicompost price per kg.

However, you would still need to know how much does vermicompost cost per pound in order for you to figure out how much your vermicompost will cost.

What’s great about buying vermicompost online is that you are going to get a good idea of how much the compost costs based on how much it weighs. The most common measurements used are by the pound or ton.

3. Location

The location of the vermicompost brings with it some expenses that you will have to consider when determining how much does vermicompost sells for.

If you are going to get vermicompost from a local supplier, then the price will be different than how much does vermicompost sells for if it’s coming from a distant supplier.

Vermicomposting Method Used

There are various methods of how to make vermicompost depending on how much time and energy you have in making your own compost. Vermiponics is perhaps one of the most popular ways that people choose when attempting to make vermicompost.

Another method of making vermicompost is vermicomposting. This is a very easy method of how to get vermicompost and you can also do it in your own backyard. Most people are able to do this within their homes and the harder the method used then the more price per pound you will get when getting vermicompost for sale.

How Much Does Vermicompost Sell for?

The question has been long due by now. Now, you have a better idea of how much vermicompost sell for since you have a better understanding of how the prices are set.

Vermicompost how much does it sell for? The price of a vermicomposter can vary from $300 up to $1000 or more depending on the size, style, and how well it was designed.

The most popular designs are homemade ones and they usually take a lot of time in researching how to get vermicompost in order to build one. The least amount you could set aside to get vermicompost is around $200 for a small garden, around 1/2 cubic yard.

Vermicompost how much does it sell for? The price you pay will depend on how fast you want your vermicompost delivered, how often you need the service, and how large your garden is.

Production Cost of Vermicompost

Let’s say that you want to turn to the vermicompost business and you are wondering how much you will need to start you out? Well, we take a look at the costs you will incur when starting out.

There are sites that may show you you are going to need more than a couple of thousand dollars, that’s just bluffing. How much do you think it’s going to cost you when all you need are worms, dirt, and a place where you can hold them, like a bin or something of that sort.

The cost should range between a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand dollars utmost. You do not require any employees to work for you since the worms will do all the work for you. You can pay them by giving them your organic kitchen waste.

What makes this business worth taking over is that per year, you can make profits amounting to $15,000 to $150,000. Ain’t that something?

Preferred Location for Vermicomposting business venture

It does not matter how you’d like to run this business; how much vermicompost would sell for is a question that will always pop up in your head. When choosing a location, make sure the environment surrounding it is suitable for the worms and organic materials.

That means you must avoid places with insects or pests because they tend to invade the organic materials if there are any on them. Of course, there are some parasites that can be killed by applying pesticides but how much vermicompost would sell for is certainly a factor worth considering.

If possible look for places where burglars and robbers do not usually frequent since vermicomposting business requires no security measures of any kind. After all, who needs to steal some worms and dirt?

Conditions for Vermicomposting

Vermicomposting is very dependent on the environmental conditions surrounding the worms. This is because the environmental conditions determine the sexual maturity of the worms, their growth potentials, when their maturity sets in, and overall, their population build-up.

The right conditions for your worms to make the most vermicompost requires temperatures of 20 – 25 degrees Celcius and moisture content between 80-85%.

What this does is that the temperature is the optimum temperature for the growth and maturity of the worms. Increasing the moisture content to 30 degrees Celcius will accelerate the growth and sexual maturity of the worms.

Vermicomposting is very much dependent on how much space you provide the worms. You will need to put them in a bin with enough space for the earthworms to burrow down and move around. The 80-85% moisture content allows for the worms to easily move around.

Where to Get Vermicompost?

There are so many places that you could get vermicompost for your garden. One of the very best places to get vermicompost is On this website, you can choose how many kilos of organic vermicompost you would like to purchase and how much it will cost per kilo.

You could buy an amount that is within your budget. A good way how to save a lot of money on vermicompost or vermiculture products, in general, is just to search online for reviews about the product.

Another place you could get it from is from a local vermiculture business. You could either go online to find one in your area, or you can just do a Google search for organic vermicompost near me and the websites will pop up right away.

Another recommended place how to buy it is from Amazon. Vermicompost on Amazon is much cheaper than buying it from any other place because of how they get their product at extremely low prices.

Is Vermicompost That Great?

Vermicompost is definitely worth the hype surrounding it. It is an organic compost which means that it comes with the needed nutrients that will grow your garden to its full potential.

Together with the fact that vermicompost makes the soil aerobe and you get to supply it with enough water to keep the plants going then you know your plans are in the right environment for their growth.

How To Use It

Once you have got your hands on vermicompost, it is time to apply the experience. The use of this product is quite easy and works best when applied at the root level of plants or crops. The how much does vermicompost sell for the question can be quickly answered by how much does organic compost cost.

You may also choose to mix it with soil in order to make a solid planting base for your vegetables that will facilitate growth and development. It may be used as mulch when used alone without mixing it with soil.

Then vermicompost should be applied around the plant so that every part of its roots gets covered well with organic compost cost. This will help in providing the right environment for your plants.

Chemical Analysis of the Vermicompost

The chemical analysis of the vermicompost shows that it has a good amount of nutrients which help in the growth and development of your plants.

It has a high NPK value; it is composed of 22 percent nitrogen, 2 percent phosphorus, and 7 percent potassium. The percentage shows how much each nutrient weighs for every hundred grams of vermicompost used.

Applying vermicompost around the plant or mixing it with soil will provide a sufficient amount of nutrients so that your plants can grow healthily as long as they have enough water to drink.

This means you should always make sure that there is enough provision for them to drink in case the soil dries up because this happens frequently under dry weather.

Profit Calculation for Vermicomposting

To get the total amount of profit you have made from your vermicompost, you can calculate it through:

Total Income – Total Expenses Incurred= Total Profit

You can also get the total amount of your profit by calculating how much your one-hectare land has cultivated with the help of vermicompost and how much money you have spent to acquire such compost.

Total Expenses Incurred is how much money you have invested in order to make vermicompost as well as how much it would cost you to buy them in the market. The total income is the amount of money you have collected altogether from selling the vermicompost.

Final Thoughts

Vermicomposting is a business to some and a very profitable business at that. Getting your first shipment of vermicompost may seem pricey but in the end, you get to see that there is no compost as good as organic compost.

Vermicomposting has proven to be more than beneficial for most farmers. In case you own a big garden and you are very interested in vermicompost, you could buy just enough and only pour it where you are planting your plants.

You have finally learned and answered the question of how much does vermicompost sell for and the price is nothing but fair. After all, it’s still great for your fruits and vegetables and anything else you may need it for. So what are you waiting for? You can go ahead and get your first vermicompost today.


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