plant combination ideas for container gardens

plant combination ideas for container gardens

Container gardening adds versatility to your small spaces or even large garden. However, a planting single plant variety can be monotonous and not meet the desired ultimate display.

Suppose you tried container gardening and did not meet your imagined final outlook. Perhaps it is time to try out some of the colourful mixed container plants, and rest assured you won’t be disappointed by the results.

Plant combinations for container gardening might seem a mind-numbing task, especially for beginners. But if you are equipped with the right knowledge and criteria, it is such a simple process.

If you are looking for plant combination ideas for container gardening, keep reading for our tips on plant arrangements recommended by specialists. We have gathered some of the best-looking plants combinations that will leave you excited by the final results.

Most Ideal Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardening

  1. African Iris (centre spike), Mixed Color Trailing Petunias, Green Sweet Potato Vine and Pink Geranium

African Iris grows with sword-like vines with evergreen foliage. The plant blooms with bright white flowers giving a nice looking decoration to the clumps.

African iris should be grown in full sun and well-draining soil to bloom to the maximum. Once established, it requires minimal maintenance with just supplemental watering. You can check the best and quality African iris seeds on amazon today.

African Iris should be grown with:

  • Mixed colour trailing petunias; one of the most popular flowers among container gardeners due to their outstanding blooms and long flowering period. Petunias will be a cheerful addition to your African Irish since it blooms red, blue yellow, pink, purple and white flowers giving a unique blend
  • Green Sweet Potato Vine- its attractive leaves and vining habit makes it an incredible addition to this combination. It is well adapted to compact container sizes and comes with a wide range of color and leaf shapes an opportunity to choose one that fits your desire.
  • Pink Geranium- geranium unquestionably goes well with African Iris. Blooms with red, orange, purple, pink or white flowers an additional cheer to your combination.

  1. Pelargonium, Busy Lizzies, Lobelia and Petunia

This unique mix of traditional summer bedding creates a display that will be blooming for months. Specialists recommend one to choose a range of colors, shapes and textures for a satisfying final look. We have gathered one of the best combinations of these flowers that will give you a unique display you have been yearning for:

  • Purple Petunia- bears large weather-resistant blooms with an incredible deep purple with darker centres. Petunia can thrive with other flowers and is well suited for compact container sizes. You can check the best purple petunia seeds on amazon today
  • Red Pelargonium- Blooms with dark red flowers a cheerful to this combination. They are easy to grow and, once introduced, require minimal maintenance.
  • Dark Pink Busy Lizzie- compact sized and well suited for containers and pots. The dark pink variety is the one that blends well with this combination. It also has one of the greatest resistance to diseases, an additional perk.
  • Violet Trailing Lobelia- the violet blooms of this variety is arguably the final touch of this combination. Lobelia is easy to grow and can thrive with the flowers mentioned above to deliver the desired display. The summertime bloomer has a long flowering period. You can check the best violet trailing lobelia seeds on amazon today
  1. Dahlia, Pelargonium and Verbena

A compact sized dahlia grows into a big flower that is unique for creating a centrepiece in the container.

It would be best to have the largest container (in terms of width) you can get, although the deepness does not matter. Dahlia has several verities with the following colours: pink, orange-yellow, white, red peach and lavender. An opportunity to choose the color you fancy most. you can check the best Dahlia seeds on amazon today.

Grow Dahlia with:

Pelargonium- the interesting foliage of pelargonium offers incredible complimentary blooms. The red or purple varieties are the most suited for this combination. They are well-suited for containers and pots and can thrive well with dahlia. you can check the best Pelargonium seeds on amazon today.

Verbena- the purple-coloured verbena completes the look. Verbena has a long blooming period and will cheerful addition to your landscape from spring up to frost. you can check the best Verbena seeds on amazon today.

  1. Canna ‘Tropicanna Gold’, Infinity Orange Impatiens, Sweet Potato Vine, Orange Portulaca, Sweet Caroline Bronze and Begonia Bolivienses

Are you a sucker of bright coloured mixed flowers? This is your ideal choice. We have gathered enough information from specialists on how to mix them and achieve the best display.

Canna (Tropicanna Gold) – It is unique for its broad foliage producing large golden flowers that have shades of orange. Blooming from mid-summer to falls makes it perfect for this combination.

Infinity Orange New Guinea Impatiens- It is vigorous with large orange flowers. The plant great flowering colour will be an incredible cheerful addition to your combination. It is a continuous bloomer, and you are guaranteed a great display for an extended period.

Sweet Potato Vine- margarita is the best-suited variety for this combination. It produces bright chartreuse leaves with a shade of yellow but has deeper green in hue if grown in shady places. In this category, you can also add sweet Caroline Bronze. It’s interesting deeply will complete that unique display.

Orange Portulaca- sundial orange Portulaca is the best for this combination. It blooms with showy orange frilly flowers, an incredible addition to the mix. You can check the best Orange Portulaca seeds on Amazon today

Begonia boliviensis- the spectacular Begonia Boliviensis with fiery reddish blooms is perfect for completing this combination. By adding Begonia Boliviensis to your mixture, you will be rewarded with amazing notes of color throughout summer and spring. You can buy the best Begonia Boliviensis seeds on amazon today.

  1. Curry Leaf Plant, Catmint and Sea Holly

If you are looking for a not too bright plant mixture, this is the combination for you. Curry leaf plant is exciting and incredible as the centrepiece of this combination. It blossoms with lemon yellow flowers, a perfect cheerful addition to your landscape. You can check the best and quality curry leaf plant seeds on amazon today

Curry leaf plant can be planted with:

Catmint –it is extremely versatile and easy to grow with the curry leaf plant. Rich purple blooms explode in summer and add that attractive display you are yearning for. Since catmint comes in soft blue or purple blooms, it is easy to mix with perennials and annuals. Blooms of colourful catmint can last for a long time giving the unique display for an extended period. You can check the best Catmint seeds on Amazon today

Sea Holly- Blooms with steely-blue thistle like flower heads to complete this combination. Additionally has long blooming period just like the rest of flowers recommended for this combination. you can check the best sea holly seeds on amazon today

  1. Marguerite, Feathergrass and Pansy

This combination offers a vibrant colour mix to deliver you that refreshing feeling. The yellow pansy gives this mixture a pretty edge, and ornamental grass serves as a textual backbone to the whole combination.

Marguerite Daisy- offers a spectacular display during cool weather. Marguerite should be the centrepiece of this combination. You can the best Marguerite daisy seeds on amazon today.

Feathergrass – it has the ability to of thriving even with native plants. An attribute that makes it a perfect addition to this combo. You can the best Feathergrass seeds on amazon today.

Pansy –they bloom with colourful heart-shaped flowers offering an edge to this combination. Well-suited to grow in compact container sizes and offer a bright cheer all year round. You check the best Pansy seeds on amazon today.

  1. Silver Falls of Dichondra, Purple Petunia and Dusty Miller

This is an ideal combination for partly shady and full sun locations. Plants in this combination are tolerant to warm weather. In this arrangement, you should use the miller as a thriller, petunia as a filler and complete the look with Dichondra as a spiller.

Silver Falls of Dichondra is a vigorous plant that creates a mass of softer pewter leaves on the silver stems. Well suited for container planting since the trailing stem branch without pinching. You can check the best Silver Falls of Dichondra seeds on amazon today

Purple Petunia is a cheerful addition to Dichondra with the large blooms in dark purple with darker centres. Well suited for containers and forms a good ground cover for the combination. You can check the best Purple Petunia seeds on amazon today

Dusty Miller- this interesting plant is a landscape addition. The silvery grey foliage offers an edge to this combination. Dairy Miller is a good companion for most container plants. You can the best Dusty miller seeds on amazon today.

  1. Trailing Rosemary, Weeping White Lantana and Queen Mum Agapanthus

It is a unique plant arrangement for the summer and spring. The containers should be placed in full sun or partial shade. In this combination, agapanthus should serve as the centrepiece while Rosemary as filler and lantana as filler

Queen Mum Agapanthus- Blooms with clouds of white flowers that float over the dark green foliage. A tough plant well suited for pots and container planting. Additionally, it still blossoms in massed plantings making it perfect for most arrangements. You check the best Queen Mum Agapanthus seeds on Amazon today.

Weeping White Lantana – It blossoms with clusters of white flowers all through spring to frost. Lantana grows in spreading behaviour or weeping habit, making the plant ideal for mixed containers and pots.

Trailing Rosemary – the evergreen perennial is perfect for giving an edge to this arrangement. It forms a good ground cover over time with its sweet flowers and leathery foliage. You can check the best Trailing Rosemary seeds on amazon today.

  1. Colocasia esculenta, Canna and Papyrus

Colocasia is arguably one of the best showstopper any container. However, planting it alone might not deliver a satisfying display. It should be mixed with others for an outstanding look. With its broadly variegated foliage, it is an ideal cheerful addition. This arrangement is the best for creating tropical vibes. check the best and quality colocasia seeds on amazon today.

Colocasia should be mixed with:

Papyrus- the moisture-loving papyrus is good to pair for Colocasia. It is widely known as an umbrella because of its grass-like habits. The sprays of foliage at the top of the stem are just irresistible addition to this arrangement. You can the best papyrus seeds on amazon today.

Canna- soft trailing canna offers an extra colour boost in this arrangement. Check the best and quality canna seeds on amazon today.

  1. Pansies, Parsley and Rosemary                                   

If you think a simple container garden is too dull for your preferred look. Perhaps it is time to consider this arrangement. It is a mixture of the green tones of herb with the striking colour of annuals such as petunias and pansies. This combination should be grown in a location with exposure to full sunlight for the fast growth of the culinary herbs. You can check the best and quality Rosemary seeds on amazon today.

Rosemary as the centrepiece should be mixed with:

Parsley-it is a leafy herb and thrives well with Rosemary. The plant blooms with whitish-yellow blossoms that emerge in flat-topped clusters in the unique umbel shape. Parsley is also edible from root to leaves. Check the best parsley seeds on Amazon today.

Pansies- display large, showy face markings that offer an edge to this arrangement. The yellow and gold varieties are the best suited for this combination. You can check the best and quality Pansies seeds amazon today

  1. Upright Fuschia, Vinca Minor, Impatiens and Lobelia

This arrangement includes flowering plants that will offer that great look throughout all seasons. Most plants are tough and require minimal maintenance once established.

Upright Fuschia- Red, white or pink are the best-suited varieties for this arrangement.  Fuschia blooms well in both partially shady and full sunlight container locations. For maximum blossoming, plant them in high-quality potting soil (fertile and with good drainage). Check the best band quality upright fuschia seeds on amazon today.

Impatiens- they have various colours to choose from (white, red, pink, coral violet, purple and yellow). They are well suited for container planting and offer long blooming periods. You can check the best impatiens seeds on amazon today.

Lobelia forms lobed asymmetrical flowers with various colours (purple, blue-violet, red and white) that bloom throughout summer. You can check the best Lobelia seeds on amazon today

Vinca Minor- has a long blooming period making it ideal for this arrangement. Just like the rest of the plants in this combination has a variety of colors to choose from. You can check the best Vinca Minor seeds on amazon today.

  1. Japanese Bird Nest Fern, Ivy and Begonia

This is one of the irresistible arrangements to grow in shady places. The containers can either be kept outdoors or indoors, although you should avoid areas that receive intense sunlight; it might damage the plants. Bird fern nest should be grown as the centrepiece of the combination for a perfect final display.

Japanese Bird Nest Fern- it is compact sized making it well suited for containers and pots. It forms a rosette of long shinny green leaves to give this arrangement a decorative appearance. It is easy to maintain once established, making it one of the most popular houseplants across the globe. You can check the best Japanese Bird nest fern on amazon today.

Ivy- it is an interesting bright-coloured houseplant and thrives well with other plants. you can check the best Ivy seeds on amazon today

Begonia- there are a variety of colors to choose from (Yellow, white, pink and orange). you can check the best Begonia seeds on amazon today

  1. Purple Fountain Grass and Hybrid Petunia

If you are seeking a simple plant combination, this is the ideal choice for you. The arrangement features two contrasting colours, deep purple and pink, an incredible cheerful addition to your landscape. The purple fountain is well suited to grow in pots and containers but shield the plant from warm weather. You can check the best Purple Fountain Grass seeds and Hybrid Petunia seeds on amazon today

Closing Remarks

The above are the most ideal plant combination ideas for container gardening. They give the best gardening experiences, symbiotic relationships, without any challenges.

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