plants for large pots in sun

Plants for Large Pots in Sun


Potted plants are plants grown from cuttings inside a pot. Potted plants are used mainly indoors, but they can also be placed outdoors during summer and other seasons of balance temperature.

Outdoor plants need to be protected from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, frost, and even the black scorching heat of the sun. They can now become an elegant focal point or beautiful landscape feature in your outdoor area, especially when it is raining or snowing outside.

painting outdoor pots for plants using the best paints can make your garden and patio more beautiful and elegant

The best time to place potted plants outdoors is during the spring season up until autumn so the plant has enough time to establish its roots into the pot and become stable. After that, the plants will be ready to withstand winter and bad weather conditions.

Potted plants add a touch of color, beauty, and style to every room in your home whether it’s kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom.

Taking care of Potted plants should be very crucial as they become an elegant focal point or beautiful landscape feature in your area.

How to Choose the Best Potted Plant for You?

The choice of indoor plants depends on several factors such as:

i. The size of the room

ii. The temperature level of each room

iii. View inside that particular place like window side or not (some plants need sunlight)

iv. What type of color theme do you want to have in that particular place.

Most plants are suitable for any room size, temperature level, and location of your indoor plants but some plants require more sunlight than others do. Therefore, plants with small and soft leaves need a little bit of sunlight to grow healthy and vibrant while plants with larger foliage or flowers need 3-6 hours of sunlight at least to thrive properly.

There might be many themes of colors throughout your home, therefore selecting plants according to the color theme is important as flowers can provide beauty and a lively feel throughout your home.

Most of the plants that you are going to find on this list are plants that look great no matter how sunny the summer gets. They will still look great and hopefully, will complement your space.

Top 10 Plants for Large Pots in the Sun

1. Boxwood

The Boxwood shrub is a plant that makes an excellent choice for plants for large pots in the sun. This is because it is the kind of plant that can spend all day in the heat of the sun without getting scorched and still take 2-3 days before you get to water it again.

It has dense foliage and is a wonderful plant if you desire plants that require full sun to do well but don’t mind needing to water them every day or two. Due to its slow growth pattern, the Boxwood shrub can grow in containers from 1-5 gallons and requires good drainage along with deep watering 2-3 times per week.

2. The Dwarf Alberta Spruce

The Dwarf Alberta Spruce is a beautiful woody plant that can grow to be 8-10 feet tall if planted in the ground.

This shrub is popular amongst people who don’t want plants obscuring their views and also where plants cannot impede the use of driveways or walkways. The dwarf Alberta Spruce, as its name implies, only grows to a height of about 6-8 feet at which point it makes an outstanding specimen tree for small gardens or courtyards due to its unique evergreen conical shape.

Of course, it’s among the plants for large pots in the sun which with its dwarfs give off a stocky look that is sure to make your area stand out from all other areas with plants and flower pots in full sun.

The plants for large pots in the sun are also very resistant to pests and diseases and need only minimal care. If you want plants that are guaranteed to keep themselves healthy, plants with a unique appearance that brings distinction it just what you’re looking for.

3. Elephant Ear

The elephant ear, scientifically known as Colocasia esculenta is a leafy plant native to Southeast Asia. These plants for large pots are low maintenance outdoor potted plants which means that they will be much easier to care for, requiring minimal watering but still giving you the wonderful green leafy look you are looking for.

The elephant ear plants for large pots and flowers do not need high-quality soil nor a lot of sunlight, making this an excellent selection if you want plants that require minimal care and upkeep yet have the quality to complement your house or garden space.

This plant comes in four different colors, green, chartreuse, yellow, and black colors. These plants for large pots have very large leaves. Although the plants may look like an elephant ear they do not smell like one, so if you have allergies this plant may be a good option for you.

The plants are relatively inexpensive and grow naturally as medium-sized plants, making them ideal plants for large pots in full sun to complement your house or garden space.

4. Fountain Grass

It’s not every grass flower will come with a look as great as that of the fountain grass while allowing for it to be a plant for large pots in the sun. It gives the look of a natural grassy area while allowing for it to be planted on porches, patios, decks or even in your garden making it among the best flowers for pot in full sun.

These plants are useful for places where you have a limited water supply and still want something that can give you that outdoor feel but won’t need much maintenance.

The fountain grass plants grow to around eight feet tall when mature however the plants will not flower until they are closer to three years old. The plants bloom only once and die quickly so if growth is what you desire then this plant may not be what you had in mind at all.

The plants grow very slowly and take up quite a bit of space so if low maintenance outdoor potted plants are what you desire then these types of plants can deliver just that. What makes it so great is that you can plant it together with another plant that will complement its aesthetic value.

5. New Zealand Flax

Scientifically known as Phormium tenax, this is a low-growing plant for large pots in the sun that can be planted in the front of your garden bed. It is usually found to grow about four to five feet tall and thrives best in acidic soil rich with peat moss, bark, or leaves.

The plants are very resistant to saltwater so it does not matter if you live by the beach because it will grow well there too. It is also robust enough to withstand cold weather conditions and dryness so feel free to plant it even if you live up north where winters are harsh.

It can bloom on its own especially when you let them go a little bit dry between watering these plants need plenty of sunlight, therefore, make sure you keep them away from any obvious obstruction otherwise they will not get the great look they often give out when placed in direct sunlight.

6. Arborvitae

The arborvitae plants are great plants for any environment whether it is dry or wet climates. It does change the color of its leaves during autumn which adds a little bit of vibrancy to your plants so you do not want to miss out on that.

Also, this plant can tolerate very high salinity levels without much damage at all so even if you live close to the seaside, it will still grow very well there. Just keep in contact with water often and make sure you drain the plants thoroughly once in a while.

Taking a number of arborvitaes and placing them on your driveway, sidewalk, or for them to act as your fence will surely set your home apart from other neighboring homes. These plants will be a good addition to your front plants.

Also, its flowers are ideal for cutting and placing in vases around the house or even outdoors. It’s among the best flowers for pot in full sun.

It is useful as an indoor plant too since it does not need much light that you would think plants need especially during summertime. This plant is actually quite easy on the eyes and looking at it continuously will surely make you want to have one for yourself as well because this is a sight to behold with its waxy dark green leaves.

7. Lemon Thyme

The lemon thyme is an outdoor plant that is well known for the lemon scent it produces. This plant is ideal for home gardens because its leaves are quite decorative and can be used as foliage plants.

These plants also work well with container plants since they’re wonderful plants to make your house look that much more attractive. If you want something less bushy, then it’s advisable to prune these plants a little bit but if you want a bushier version then allow the plant to do what it wants.

With its yellow leaves, you are assured that the lemon thyme plants will make your place stand out making it among the best plants for pots in the sun in this list. If you want a blue, leafy plant, then think of the money plants because they are nice plants to have in your garden.

8. Calibrachoa

It is scientifically called the Calibrachoa hybrids and is a pretty plant.

They are often referred to as plants for large pots in the sun and it’s better that you put them indoors during fall and spring especially if your area experiences cold temperatures.

The flowers of this plant last longer than other best flowers for pots in full sun which makes them ideal plants to grow. With money plants, expect the flowers to spread all over making a splendid look in your garden or anywhere else they are placed.

This plant is highly tolerant to heat and produces some amazing white and purple and yellow flowers that are sure to just brighten your garden area or whatever area it is you plan on placing them.

It can grow as high as about five feet and plants for large pots in the sun when they are flowering plants. The flowers that it produces usually last longer than other plants which are something that most people would look out for when getting a plant.

9. Parsley

Parsley plant just had to make it to the list of the best plants for pots because it is a plant that has so much to offer. These plants have been around for many years and they can survive in the most difficult of conditions. They are hardy plants that can be grown even in areas where there are high temperatures.

Keep plants watered on a regular basis as they do not like to dry out though some plants might die. Parsley plants grow very well when planted close together and when fertilized regularly. The leaves, stems, and roots of this plant are edible and you can use them while preparing various dishes too.

10. Lemongrass

There is just something about lemongrass that makes its beauty stand out. It is beautiful to look at and has a nice scent too. This plant not only looks good, but it also serves numerous purposes such as medicines and beverages.

It comes in many colors like green, brown, orange, etc. You can grow plants that have their leaves or flowers in various shades of gold as well.

Final Take Away

There are plants and flowers whose beauty, scents, and tastes are to die for. What makes these plants great is that they are all plants for large pots in the sun, meaning that they have a high tolerance to the sun and still have the beauty it takes to transform your space into something worth talking about with friends.

The basis of choosing the above-listed plants is that they hardly require any maintenance duties from you other than watering them like 2-3 times a week and maybe pruning them if you do not want them to look bushy.

Plants for large pots in the sun are plants that can be placed on your driveway, or steps leading to your house. They do give your home the homey feel you might be looking for. You definitely should try some of the ones listed above.

Potted plants should be taken with crucial care every day  as they become an elegant focal point or beautiful landscape feature in your area.

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