Rabbit Fencing Ideas

Rabbit Fencing Ideas

Top 5 Rabbit Fencing Ideas (Keep them Under Control)

Building a fence to keep rabbits in control, either cottontails or jackrabbits or any other species, is a leading challenge for many garden and homeowners. You either want to keep the rabbits in or out and below are top rabbit fencing ideas we can recommend based on a personal experience.

Rabbits are one of the leading threats to a garden, especially where they inhabit the surrounding in huge numbers. How to protect gardens from rabbits is one of the serious issues that have been disturbing gardeners for a couple of years.

vegetable gardening may be hard and unproductive in areas  where Rabbits  usually pass by and eat up all the vegetables hence the best fence for keeping rabbits away should be installed.

Despite most people believing that rabbits are fuzzy and cute, gardeners who have dealt with them know they usually creating irreversible harm on crops. Gardeners have to look for the best means to keep rabbits out of their vegetable gardens without harming them.

The admonition of rabbit’s damage to vegetables is on the rise due to increased farmer’s interest to raise them as pets or for other reasons based on individual decisions.  Orchards, ornamental plants, and vegetable gardens are quite attractive to rabbits.

Reduced wildland habitat due to urbanization, long winters, and droughts are some of the key factors that increase rabbit damage rates. Most gardeners perceive rabbits as mischievous and cuddly animals that destroy their prized vegetables, fruits, and flowers.

In most cases, gardeners are left distraught and unwilling to harm these animals. Anyway, keeping rabbits out of your adorable farm is a great challenge but easily accomplishable with listed fences; that are accompanied with fair prices and easy set up steps.

Factors To Consider When Buying or Building a Rabbit Fence

  1. Height requirements, rabbits do not need a high fence it needs to be of medium height for easy access to garden. However, a gardener might need a 3 feet height to keep away jackrabbits.
  2. Make up material needs to be a metal which rabbits cannot chew.
  3. Wire mesh construction rabbit fences needs a sturdy 16-gauge wire with small openings that gradually increases in size towards the top.
  4. Posts of choice needs to be robust to anchor fencing material into the ground. Sturdy metal posts are easy to fix into the ground without digging holes.
  5. There are two groups of rabbits, namely jackrabbits and cottontails. Jackrabbits needs a robust fence that is above 4ft in height, and cottontails are real rabbits that can be kept away by regular hardware cloth.
  6. Rabbits prefer vegetables mostly dark green vegetables namely nimatro, broccoli, beet greens, kohlrabi, basil, watercress, cilantro, carrot tops, mustard greens, bok choy, shrubs, and young plants.

Rabbit Fencing Ideas

Fence NameFence ImageFence DescriptionCheck on Amazon
Maporch 15. 7” by 16.7ft hardware clothhttp:// 1. It Includes wire cutting scissor and 1pcs welded chicken wire.
2. It uses Galvanized steel wire.
3. Has ½” wire diameter.
4. Serves multipurpose needs.
5. It is made up of sturdy materials.
Check on Amazon
Allmart ¼ inch wirehttp:// 1. It is ¼ inch size.
2. Has Flexible and portable design.
3. Has 44 wire diameter.
4. Has 2* hardware cloth.
5. Galvanized, that improves longevity.
Check on Amazon
Yardgard 308357A fencehttp:// 1. It is Easy to set up.
2. It is of High quality.
3. It measures 5by5.5 by 40 inches.
4. It is 94 weight in pounds.
5. Meets multipurpose needs.
Check on Amazon
Tespo Pet playpenhttp:// 1. Serves various small animals.
2. Has Cable ties that helps to reinforce the product.
3. Involves anti slip mart.
4. It is Easy to assemble.
5. It measures L*w*h, 42.13*42.13*14.57inches
Check on Amazon
Ambageli ½ hardware clothhttp:// 1. It measures 84*9.84*36inches.
2. It is of Good value, paintable and sturdy.
3. It is Available in rehab cage color.
4. Weighs around 50.9 pounds.
Check on Amazon
  1. Maporch 15. 7” by 16.7ft hardware cloth

Maporch brand has over ten years’ experience for manufacturing tools and mechanics that is based in Germany. Over, the past years, maporch has pursued ways to enhance customers experience by giving quality fences especially for rabbits.

Maporch is an ideal choice for enhancing your gardening experience and saving your expenses. It involves sturdy welded form that makes mesh sheet stable which does not matter how you install or cut thus may not become deformed.

The big hardware cloth can be cut into different sizes with a cutting scissor. The gardener should ensure that the protector cover is upgraded by galvanizing after welding top ensure that all points are well protected against rust. The holes measures ½” that keeps rabbit safe and protects garden from other animals.

It is a multipurpose wire mesh that can be cut into tiny snips and shapes for certain projects in garden or home such as rabbit cage, chicken run, oven mitts, screen doors and windows coverings, composter, gas storage cage, tree guards, gabion bench seat, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees to keep out small critters such as soil sifters, under eaves, raccoons, gophers, and voles.

On top of that, satisfaction is guaranteed because this cloth is developed by a renowned trademark based in Germany, moreover all wire fences from this brand are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with higher customers’ expectations. In addition, it guarantees full time customer service in case of any queries or in cases where clients have identified certain defectives.


  • 7” by 16.7”length
  • ½” wire diameter.
  • Galvanized steel wire.
  • Includes wire cutting scissor and 1pcs welded chicken wire.

Why Buy This Product

Maporch 15. 7” by 16.7ft hardware cloth is the best fit for all gardeners who are overwhelmed by rabbit attacks on their adorable gardens. Maporch guarantees a good and sturdy protection fence against occasional vegies attacks. In reality, a rabbit control fence does not need to very high, only 2 to 3ft tall, however a gardener needs to ensure the fence is buried 6 inches under the garden because rabbits are great diggers. Maporch hardware cloth guarantees crops maximum protection against bunny’s damages. Further, maporch brand has several other uses apart from shielding garden against rabbit such as developing chicken cop, tree guards, gabion bench seat, composter, wall shelf, window and screen door coverings, storage kits, oven mitts and many more.  Thus, it is ideal for family craft small and big projects. It is made of sturdy galvanized form that improves its longevity and rust resistance. The size of each piece is long and wide enough to meet gardeners different needs, you can also casually cut what you need into small pieces. Based on my opinion, maporch hardware cloth mesh is long and wide enough to meet requirements of big projects, you can cut casually into small parts.


  • It is made up of sturdy materials.
  • Upgraded protector cover.
  • Serves multipurpose needs.
  • Affordable
  • Includes a wire cutting scissor.


  • Requires metal posts to create a sturdy fence.

  1. Allmart ¼ inch wire

The hardware cloth is developed from galvanized wire and durable quality that can be used for longer period of time. The most suitable size is 2 sheets wire mesh that measures around 13.78” to 40” mesh size around ¼ inch, although the hole size is inappropriate. The Allmart ¼ inch is applicable for multipurpose needs.

Gardeners needs to engage galvanization after welding to improve longevity and to protect parts. The holes are only ¼ inch to keep rabbits away protect your vegetables and garden fruits. It conveys a portable and flexible design that makes the wire easy to unroll, moreover it can be easily cut with scissors or wire clamps, which a gardener can tailor to meet their specific needs.


  • Manufactured by Allmart
  • Weighs around 15.2 ounces.
  • 75” *3.54”*3.07”
  • ¼ inch size.
  • Galvanized wire.
  • 2* hardware cloth
  • 44 wire diameter.

Why shop Almart ¼ inch wire

Almart is committed in developing premium products and impeccable customer care and that’s why we encourage people to go for this amazing product. The hardware cloth is developed from galvanized materials, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high tensile strength, and rust prevention, it involves an upgrade protector cover that should be galvanized after use to ensure that welding points are well protected for long life and rust resistance. The metal wire structure is easy to maintain, uniform, long service life, durable, and wear resistance.

The Almart fence is ideal for wide applications especially crafts, small or big projects. Gardeners can use hardware cloth to create closed protect cage, ideal for vegetable garden, duck pen, chicken coop, and rabbit run. It permanently protects your ducks, chickens, rabbits, and other farmed animals, and vegetables, strawberries, tomatoes from small critters namely gopher, voles, and many other disturbing pests.

Perfect for temporary fences, animal containment, craft projects, sifting screen and home maintenance. For those and many other reasons, Allmart is the best choice to address several gardeners’ needs through a single set up. The size of these pieces are 13.7 by 40 inches long and wide enough to accomplish all your needs, it is easier to cut this wire into small sizes to fit your casual projects requirements. The Allmart ¼ inch is easy to cut with mini pliers, however it is advisable to wear protective gloves to avoid sharp edge scratches when you install rabbit wire. Anyway, this product conveys a 5 star customer ratings, hence it is a suitable brand to keep rabbits out of garden and other annoying small animals.


  • Galvanized, that improves longevity.
  • Flexible and portable design.
  • Cheap
  • 2 sheets wire mesh.


  • Easy scratches that needs one to put on protective gloves.

  1. Yardgard 308357A fence

The yardgard fence guarantees quality fencing and borders for agricultural needs. Yardgard is developed by Midwest Air Technologies Inc. that provides quality wire for residential owner’s fence and farming needs. The yardgard serves best in protecting gardeners vegetables against damages caused by rabbits. The welded wire measures height 36 inches and length of 50ft. It is mostly labelled green. Coated to enhance appearance and longevity. Yardgard 308357A it’s quite economical, light weight, and versatile. Galvanized prior to keeping rust away and ensure protection. The yardgard 308357A is easy to maintain because the gardener is only required to set up the fence around the farm. In addition, it is easy to assemble because it does not engage any procedures.

The yardgard is zinc coated that helps to resist rust and improve longevity. Undeniably this is the most suitable fence because it is inexpensive and ideal way of protecting vegetables as well as ensuring no harm is instilled on these harmless animals. Perfect rabbit confinement, it is recommended for temporary and permanent confinement of these non-aggressive animals. Provides stability and strength that supports split fence rail.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • 5by5.5 by 40 inches
  • 94 weight in pounds

Why you need this product

The yardgard 889250A works great which involves well-made materials that are easy to cut and install. The brand is highly recommended that is 40 inches high and 25 feet long that is very good in protecting animals from the yard. Good quality that is to cut that makes great fencing which is attractive in all garden setting. The yardgard can be used to fence around crops that falls during windy situation as well as trellis for vining veggies to climb Yardgard can be easily tied to posts requiring only minimal efforts. Perfect for small trees and other veggies that encounters constant harm from small animals, in addition a gardener may engage wire twist ties to ensure it’s held up and safe from existing fence. Initially, the gardener will be impressed by how the bunnies will look out to the gardens helplessly. During set up, a gardener may have several left over that will work perfectly well in meeting other projects. The stuff might come to assist when establishing outdoor run for duckling and chicken. The yardgard is therefore ideal for keeping rabbit out of garden and other animals. Therefore, the yardgard is perfect for fencing vegetable garden and creating different projects that can beautifully molded to different forms that are completely amazing.


  • Easy to set up.
  • High quality
  • Meets multipurpose needs.


  • Large holes where bunnies can munch through crops near the fence.

  1. Tespo Pet playpen

This is a cage for small animals especially rabbits measuring 15 by 12 inch. Tespo pet playpen allows gardeners to create a healthy farming environment by being able to manage small animals effectively. The cage can be easily set up, that includes a metal wire and yd. fences for rabbit’s kernel crates, guinea pigs, and other small animals. The Tespo pet playpen involves anti slip pieces and cable ties. Cable ties assist to build romps, doors, and reinforce the entire structure, whereas ant slip prevents connectors from slipping on the floor. The fence is DIY expandable, hence it is a qualified metal wire that can be converted into different shapes. Furthermore, rabbits can easily have fun with this fence, where it is possible to watch them from a distance. Easy to assemble with the given instructions and included mallet. The cable ties assist to achieve other features namely ramps and doors. On top of that, Tespo guarantees customers satisfaction before and after purchase because of professional customer service.


  • Tespo brand
  • Metal wire playpen
  • L*w*h, 42.13*42.13*14.57inches
  • Metal wire
  • Weighs, 7 pounds.

The Tespo playpen is fun, magical, and full of possibilities, that helps gardeners to create a great world for their rabbits with they own hands. DIY expandable features assists gardeners to extend playpen to multiple layers or bigger space. Ventilated design allows one to interact with pests from different angles. Lastly, the ample space gives pet enough space to exercise healthier, happier life. Surprisingly Tespo playpen is ideal setting up storage cubes that can be modified according to individuals personal interests such as creating closet, placing cubes altogether, laundry, children’s room, garage, bathroom, yards, garden, and office. The product can fit well to the surrounding environment because it engages a modern wire grind with an office space


  • DIY expandable
  • Serves various small animals
  • Easy assemble
  • Ideal for various animals.
  • It guarantees 100% satisfaction rate.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Involves anti slip mart
  • Cable ties that helps to reinforce the product.


  1. Expensive

Why shop this product

Tespo was initiated by pet lovers to develop this brand that creates the best experience to pet owners. As a reputable company Tespo only provides product that are of high quality and completely amazing that meets customer’s expectations. As a matter of fact, most rodents and especially rabbits cannot get along without harming your veggies, flowers, and other small plants. Fencing and netting with Tespo playpen works well in protecting young plants. Simply set up your fences in area you wish to farm and watch rabbits stare helplessly.

It is advisable to build a two feet high fence in case your plants becomes mature, that needs to be buried about 6 inches deep. Be sure to bend the fence wire before burying it. Moreover, a farmer can protect individual plants such as orchards, bell peppers, eggplant, celery, and Brussels sprout. Use this cloth to create a cylinder around vegetable plants, shrubs, and baby trees. Most annoyingly, bunnies like to nest and thus it is wise to fence to keep them from nesting in your garden. Therefore, fence serve best in keeping rabbits away from making gardens they homes.

  1. Ambageli ½ hardware cloth

The ½ inch hardware cloth is 36by100ft, it is ideal for rabbit fencing. Ambageli ensures that fruit trees, vegetable gardens are kept out of reach by these undeniably cuddly animals that might create serious damages on gardener’s plants.

The holes measures ½ inch that ensures rabbits are safe and kept away from vegetables, in fact these allowances are definitely small for rabbits to go through. Its rust proof and galvanized, accompanied by double zinc cloth for long life and maximum rust resistance.

The Ambageli ½ hardware cloth it allows a wider weave because this material allows rolled shape ideal for fruit trees, and 19 gauge that is easy to cut with scissors and lay down. This cloth is suitable for rhizomes, bulbs, flower roots, and vegetables. Use Ambageli to line the bottom of your link, and cut it into half pieces, it is quite stiff depending on its use. This cloth solves issues with rabbits and other rodents in your garden.


  • It is developed by Amagabeli garden & home.
  • FBA – DHW – 003- 02.
  • Weighs around 50.9 pounds.
  • 84*9.84*36inches
  • Available in rehab cage color.

The item is quite useful for gardeners who cherish their gardens and rabbits as well. The bunny rabbits will not infringe your vegetable garden if you buy this product, it keeps costs down because a farmer may use pallet wood planks as fence posts, then instill 1 – ¼ washers to secure Amagabeli cloth against pots. This product is easy to work with that implies less hint on first timers, to make it convenience, because it is a one-person job who can unroll and protect from posts.

The Amagabeli ½ hardware cloth suits best for gardeners who wants something that is easy to install. This is a rabbit proof fence that is less expensive. In fact, this product can work best just like a cheap chicken wire in keeping rabbit out of garden. Choice of Amabageli brand depends entirely on how you want to ensure your rabbits are caged, and whether there are other pests inflicting your garden. Besides, the Amabageli is typically designed to meet all gardeners’ protection needs ranging from keeping chicks, rabbits, and other rodents away. Moreover, a gardener can develop cages with this product that will harbor rabbit well because he or she might be interested in protecting flower beds as well. Rabbits can munch a lot of vegetables within a short span of time and thus it is best to set up amabageli fence soonest possible to curb further damages. Still, this product protect vegetables and spares rabbit leaving gardener more satisfied. In short, it is advisable to buy Amabageli ½ hardware cloth that will meet protect your garden while stock last.


  • Good value, paintable and sturdy


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

The rabbit proof fence helps to keep small animals and other agricultural pests away from harming vegetable gardens that harbors useful fruit trees, beautiful flowers, and adorable veggies. In most cases, gardeners would say how rabbits are typical garden nuisance and in several cases they might create serious impact to be noted as serious garden pests. During winter rabbits gladly feeds on a variety of flowers and vegetables, and in summer they creates impactful damages on bushes and shrubs by gnawing on buds and twigs. Fortunately, an ideal rabbit fence is easy to construct and inexpensive. The thoughts of how these cuddly and cute creatures can harm the garden is not clear to many people only gardeners can comprehend how these creates makes their farming experience horrible. Rabbits are believed to create havoc on a garden, they will gnaw on small plants and in some instances develop nest among the shrubs. Most gardeners who sought out this article can bear with us that rabbits are mischievous. However, several people believes bunnies are cuddly animals, and thus fails to understand how these harmless small animals can create impactful harm on vegies. In essence, many gardeners can bear with us how rabbits can create devastating harm on their super prized plants. By setting up fences you can deter rabbits from getting easy access to your garden and creating unnecessary damages. Keeping bunnies away might seem like a hard task but it’s an easy process if you adopt one of the following fences available on Amazon at a favorable price.

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