best vegetable garden layout

Best Vegetable Garden Layout


Vegetable gardening is something that most people may not associate with it bringing any aesthetic value to your home, but they are so wrong! Vegetable gardening has a lot to offer for homeowners and gardeners with its best layout designs. If you are very much interested in the best vegetable garden layout, then we have something special for you today.

The best part of having a vegetable garden is that it doubles up as your personal health club. It is not just about growing vegetables; but also improving your own health at the same time. But of course, You cannot just let them grow randomly anywhere in your backyard or front yard.

Nowadays, there are great garden designs, and images are needed by every house owner or their home garden designer contractors. They need the best ideas on how they can maximize space available in their backyards or front yards so that they can create the best possible beautiful landscape garden design for their home.

Having the best vegetable garden layouts and ideal soil preparation before planting vegetables enables vegetables to grow stronger and heathy hence increasing productivity.

This article lets you take a look at some of the best vegetable garden layouts of 2021 with their pros and cons to help you make the choice of which one suits you best.

What to Consider

Before you sit down and pick your layout of vegetable garden plots, there are several things that you should consider.

1. Location

First, you have to pick the best location of your garden in your home. If you have enough space outside then the best you can do is install a backyard garden and if not, then the best thing to do is design the best vegetable garden layout for the front yard or the best possible place that you have available at your disposal.

It is important that you understand the difference between laying out outdoor landscapes as well as flower gardens versus outdoor bed gardening setups before picking the best possible layout for your home fruit vegetable garden layout.

Both are completely different from each other so take an idea about which one suits you best so it does not become difficult later on when setting up things in your garden and ending up with issues instead of beautiful landscapes.

2. Time

While coming up with the best vegetable garden design time should be taken into consideration. This is because when planning the best possible layout, you must understand the best time for working in your garden.

If you are a person who prefers to work on weekends, then you need to make sure that the best vegetable garden layout does not require too much energy and if it does do not stress yourself out too much as the best possible design will be achieved with ease.

3. Climate

Vegetable gardens are great if the weather is good as well as grows best in good conditions. If you live in areas where the climate is not suitable or does not provide the best growing environment, then there are ways around this issue.

You can try covering your outdoor planned garden with plastic structures so that it can support plants throughout the winter season and protect them against harsh winds. By doing this, you will be able to still enjoy picking fresh vegetables from the garden even during cold temperatures especially if they are designed correctly.

4. Cost

Another thing to consider before deciding on the best vegetable garden layout is the cost. This is because it can be best to determine the best layout for your garden before you start building and make a plan on how much these costs might be.

It is best to have an estimated cost of different garden layouts, compare and choose one that best fits your needs and desired budget. Having this information in hand while making your choice will help you save so much money later on as it can prevent overspending when building the garden layout that you like best but do not really require.

The Best Vegetable Garden Layouts

1. Rows Gardening

This remains to be the most basic and widely used vegetable garden layout design. It consists of the vegetable garden being planted in a manner in which the plants run from north to south and are planted in rows.

In this layout, the garden is best made as narrow as possible so that you can have several such gardens running side by side with no more than 6 feet gap between them.

This type of garden layout can allow for a person to mix different vegetables at once. They only have to be careful that they do not plant big vegetables and small vegetables together because they will shield them from the sun.

Pros of Row Gardening

a) Rows offer maximum sunlight exposure to the vegetables that have been planted.

b) Plants get maximum air circulation

c) They provide a path that you can use to weed.

d) It doesn’t require much preparation

e) Minimal maintenance is needed for this layout design.

Cons of Row Gardening

a) It wastes a lot of space that is left for paths and weeding.

b) It relies on accurate spacing for the vegetables.

c) There is a lot of water wastage.

 2. Square foot gardening

This best vegetable garden layout design consists of tilling a square piece of land into different squares measuring 1 or 2 feet each. Each square would be given to a different crop and arranged in such a way that they do not overlap and leave room for pathways separating them from one another.

The best advantage of using this best vegetable garden layout is that it allows all plants to receive sufficient sunlight and also allows for ease during weeding and tending the crops and harvesting them since they require minimal supervision.

Square foot gardening is best used to grow greens and herbs. You can also use it to grow vining plants like pumpkins and squashes.

However, if you are going to use this best vegetable garden layout design for growing other kinds of vegetables, you should ensure that the plants don’t need much care otherwise the entire idea falls flat.


a) You garden anywhere you want with this garden layout plan.

b) You can guard your vegetables against anything without incurring any costs like setting up fencing

c) You save on growing space and therefore you save on utilities like fertilizers.

d) You can grow many plants in a small amount of space.

e) It works great especially for beginners.

f) It doesn’t require any heavy pieces of equipment at all.


a) They are not ideal for crops that take up much space or are big

b) This layout creates a shallow depth for plants.

c) It requires frequent monitoring

 3. Raised bed gardening

Raised bed gardening is the best vegetable garden layout design for those whose soil is not very fertile or with a lot of clay. With this vegetable garden layout, you are able to make the most of even the smallest space that you can find.

The best thing about this best vegetable garden layout is that even people who don’t have much idea of gardening can easily maintain such a garden. Again, the raised bed gardens allow you to grow all kinds of vegetables in them without needing great soil or space.

There are two different methods by which you can build your own raised bed garden: either buy prefabricated wood and wireframes; Or use old wooden crates. It’s not rocket science! Raised beds are customizable, but that doesn’t mean going overboard with it just to get a unique best vegetable garden layout design!

Raised garden beds offer more control over the soil and water levels, allowing you to use the best vegetable garden layout designs that require exact environmental conditions. Again, a well-known best vegetable garden layout design includes vertical gardening


a) The allow for vegetables to grow fast thanks to increased drainage and nice temperatures

b) It protects the soil from pests and trampling

c) It can grow a variety of vegetables


a) There is poor air circulation

b) Vegetables may suffer from excessive heat

c) You have to continuously water the plant

d) It needs construction which makes it expensive

4. Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is the growing of crops and vegetables on vertical structures as compared to other traditional methods. This works great for those people who are into gardening but they have no space to carry it out. It is also the best vegetable garden layout best for growing small crops or vegetables since it requires lesser space as compared to the traditional best vegetable garden layout.

In vertical gardening, the plants are grown in containers that have been hung from or attached above the ground best vegetable garden layout.

Vertical gardens can be best used for best-selling herbs such as thyme, oregano, and marjoram; flowers like petunias and pansies; vegetables like tomatoes, squash, and peas.

It is the best vegetable garden layout best suitable for crops that grow tall [like cucumbers] which need support so as not to overwhelm other attached plants below them.


a) It’s a cool way to unleash your creativity

b) You are able to grow more in a small space

c) It makes everything easier.

d) Vertical gardens offer privacy and cover for the plants

e) You are able to grow healthier crops.


a) It can attract pests and diseases easily.

b) it shades the plant from getting enough sunlight

c) You have to be ready to incur costs in maintaining then vertical gardens

5. Block Gardening

Block gardening is made of three rows or wide best vegetable garden layout and should be about 16 to 18 inches long. The height of the best block varies depending on the plant.

Usually, you will need one inch per plant to grow well in pots and small containers. Otherwise, two feet would do best for large shrubs and trees’ best vegetable garden layout.

The great thing about block gardening is that it gives you the freedom to partition your garden as you would see fit. This especially works best in cases where you want to create a vegetable garden at the front of your house.

There is just no limit to what you can do with this gardening layout. Let’s say the limit is your imagination, making it a sure stay among the best vegetable garden layout.


a) They allow for your garden to look clean and tidy

b) You can make pavements in your garden


a) They take much space

b) They require a lot of maintenance

6. Four Squares Gardening

The four-square plan refers to a garden layout where the garden is divided into blocks that are then divided within themselves into four squares. It’s like a garden that has a cross in it.

It is best suited for gardeners who are just starting out. After the first few years, it will give way to more elaborate designs that will suit your objectives better. This is a small vegetable garden layout that can be easily modified into a square or rectangular design.

With this garden layout plan, you are able to grow four different vegetables at once. Each season you will have to rotate the crops to make sure that the soil has a good balance of nutrients.

Let’s take an imaginary garden space that is 4m long and 3m wide. This should be divided into four one-meter squares. In each square we are going to plant a different vegetable; say tomato, beans, pepper, and spinach. A best vegetable garden layout plan will make sure that each of these vegetables has enough room to grow fully without interrupting other crops with their branches or leaves.

With this best vegetable garden layout, you can have easy access to your plants without stepping on them or damaging them while looking for a particular crop.

This best vegetable garden layout design works best if the seeds for all four crops are sown at once so that they all grow together in the same season.


a) You can plant many crops at once.

b) Requires a small area


a) Requires a lot of maintenance

b) You have to plant crops that follow the same calendar

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, the layout of vegetable garden plots will depend on what vegetables you intend to grow, as well as the resources you have at your disposal. Some of them are small vegetable garden layouts you should try.

One thing is for certain, gardening is one of those things that goes beyond mere gardening. It’s about nurturing yourself and your family with healthy food while saving money along the way. The best vegetable garden layout designs make it easy to learn how much food can come from your garden and from the smallest area possible.

Hopefully, you have found a design that suits your needs, whether it’s a big or small vegetable garden layout, and you are ready to begin your gardening journey.

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