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The ideal paint to use on clay pots is either spray paint or acrylic paint. Clay pots often look alike, and paint can be used to either beautify or make them stand out. Purchasing decorative clay pots is expensive, hence the need to get customized pots for so much less.

Getting creative with clay pots adds some pizzas to the pots and explores one’s creativity. The designs to paint are not limited; one can use block colors, dots, or stripes. The list is only bound by how creative one can get.

Outdoor pots can be glammed up and redecorated by using the best paint for outdoor ceramic pots. It is assumed that painting outdoor pots is not ideal. On the contrary, painting outdoor pots can make your garden and patio more beautiful and elegant.

Today, I will guide you on selecting the best paint to use on clay pots, how to paint them, and make them look like expensive, customized pots.

Can you paint clay pots?

So many people ask this question, is it possible to paint clay pots? The answer is yes. For years, people have only known that fiberglass and ceramic pots are the only ones that can be customized.

Clay pots, also known as terracotta pots, can also be painted and customized. We can all agree that despite clay pots being durable and inexpensive, their uniformity gets too monotonous at times. The only way to vary their look is through painting them.

The most exciting part about painting clay flower pots is coming up with the designs and color schemes. Yes, clay flower pots can be painted, and here is how to go about it.

The right paint to use on clay flower pots

The best kind of paint to use on clay flower pots is either spray paint or acrylic paint. Spray paint is the easiest to use because it does not require much skill and brush knowledge.

Besides, spray paint covers a large surface area easily, making it ideal for both small and big clay pots. Spray paint also works on all surfaces, making it ideal for use on clay pots.

Acrylic paint is ideal for drawing different designs on the pot. Unlike spray paint, acrylic paint requires some brush knowledge, which makes it easy to draw any desired designs.

The best thing about acrylic paint is that they give an opaque color that does not wash away once they are dried out.

There are several kind of paint to use on plant pots in the market which can be used for painting clay pots

#1 Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

This is one of the most widely-used spray paints when it comes to painting clay pots. It is suitable for surfaces like concrete, clay, metal, and wood.

It is a very high-quality oil-based spray paint resistant to corrosion even when exposed to harsh elements. The paint dries in fifteen minutes, making it possible to apply a second coat within the hour.

It has a glossy finish that can withstand a harsh environment. It also comes in numerous colors; you will be spoilt of choice.

#2 Krylon Range of Spray Paints

Spray paints From Krylon are highly recommended paints to use on clay pots. They are an all in one spray paint; they protect against corrosion; they are highly adhesive and durable. The paint can not only be used on clay pots, but on plastic plant pots too.

The paint dries fast, in less than twenty minutes, it is completely dry, leaving no runs, drips, or errors. Within an hour, a retouch can be done.

The range of paints has a unique color scheme, and any color offers a cozy and a modern finish to any DIY project. The paints are ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor clay pots.

#3 Montana Cans Gold Chrome Spray Paint

Montana Cans is one of the most recommended spray paints, especially when one intends to paint gold or add a marble effect to clay flower pots.

This is the most flexible spray paints on the market, and it has an acrylic-based matte formula. It is ideal for use on different surfaces, including; plastic, wood, metal, canvas, clay, and concrete, among others.

The best thing about this paint is that it is lead and CFC free. It comes with an easy to apply nozzle, which reduces spills and runs during work. It is also ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects

#4 FolkArt Color, 10 Bottle Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Set

This is the most recommended acrylic paint, ideal for clay pots. It has ten different colors, which gives the user many options to choose from.

The numerous colors also allow you to become creative enough to draw and design any patterns and color schemes.

The paints have a sating finish, which gives a classy and elegant look. The paint is non-toxic and water-based, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor flower projects. Since the paint is multi-surface, it can be used on all materials, from clay to plastic and metal.

It is one of the best paints used for recorating and drawing beautiful patterns on pots.

Why is the color of plant pots important?

The color of plant pots has an impact on the growth of the plants. The color affects the soil’s temperature, which in turn affects the roots and subsequent plant growth. Containers with dark colors like black often heat the soil more as compared to containers with bright colors like white or silver.

The plants grown in black containers have poor root mass, and plants that cannot sustain heat can experience retarded growth and death. Plants grown in bright containers experience rapid growth, and wide diameters since the soil’s temperature is optimum.

The leaves are always healthier, and they appear more succulent. This information indicates that clay flower pots should be painted with bright colors to promote plant growth. Color choice is more crucial when dealing with plans that are sensitive to heat.

As a gardener, it is vital to understand the plants in your garden and chose the right colors to maximize plant growth.

How do you paint clay pots with spray and acrylic paint?

When using both paints, the first step is to clean the pots. All the residue can be scrubbed off using a brush, soap, and water. Cleaning the pots gets rid of all kinds of lumps, which will make the pots look smooth after use. After cleaning, clay flower pots should be left to dry completely.

Clay flower pots can soak up a lot of moisture; therefore, it is essential to let them thoroughly dry before painting them. Setting them out in the sun speeds up the process. Before the painting process begins, it is essential to set up the working area. This is done by laying out pages of old newspapers on the workstation. The newspapers prevent messing up the floor with the color from the paint.

To help the paint last longer, a clay pot sealer is used. Although when you want the pots to look aged after some time, you can skip the sealing proves. If you don’t have a sealer, a paint primer can be used too. Primers also help the paint last for a long time. Water-based primers are recommended because they don’t seal the pot completely, leaving room for it to breathe better.

After sealing or priming, the paint is then applied as desired. Acrylic paints can be heavy; therefore, one can thin them out using water to make them lighter. After painting and decorating the pots, they should be left to dry for at least twenty-four hours.

Afterwards, they can be sealed using a matte or a gloss finisher, depending on what you would like to achieve


The most suitable paint to use on clay pots is either acrylic or spray paint. These two are the best paints to be used on clay pots because of their versatility and durability.

Painting clay pots is a fun and creative activity, and it breaks the monotony of having unicolored flower pots. Painting clay flower pots gives life to a garden and adds life to a room.

Due to their bases, not all spray and acrylic paint brands are ideal for decorating and painting flower pots. Good paint brands offer versatile colors, which are durable. The paints ideal for clay pots are resistant to corrosion, and they maintain their lustre for a long time.

It is important to note that color choice matters. Although dark colors are beautiful, they heat the soil, and they destroy the roots of the plants. On the other hand, bright paints ensure optimal plant growth. Gardeners must choose the right paint colors, which will promote the growth of their plants. Painting the pots is a fun exercise.

If you are looking for the kind of paint to use on your outdoor pots all you need to do is ensure the pot is clean, seal it (which is optional), paint and decorate however you like, and seal the hard work you have done.

Voila, you have your masterpieces ready for use. Before sealing the pots, it is best to let them dry for at least twenty-four hours.